The UNIX deco utility provides a convenient interface for unpacking files from various archive formats.

When working with disk images, it can be useful to treat the disk image as an archive, and simply unpack its files into the local directory structure. The files available here provide extensions to deco to allow it to unpack a disk image as though it were an archive.

Deco versions 1.0 and above


Version 0.3: common ST images, common C64 images, iso images.

Format Support

Extension Dependencies Created by
st mtools (tested on mcopy 3.9.10) dd on UNIX, floimg on Windows
img mtools (tested on mcopy 3.9.10) dd on UNIX
msa mtools (tested on mcopy 3.9.10)
msa* (tested on msa 0.1.0)
Magic Shadow Archiver on Atari
iso none dd on UNIX
d64/x64/g64/d71/d81/d82 c1541 OpenCBM


Unpack the archive (perhaps using deco) and check the Makefile (particularly the LOCATION setting), then do:

make install

The README file in the archive has some further details. Any comments, please send via the contact link below.