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Sat, 29 Aug 2009

Just last week I finally got a brace on my teeth. Those who have met me in person will appreciate just how big of a change this could turn into, as I've had this one tooth sticking way out for ages, since I was a kid. A combination of a lack of funds and a family mistrust of dentists (we had some bad dentists back in the day) meant that I didn't get it fixed when I was a teenager. A couple of years ago I noticed someone a little older than myself wearing a brace and it gave me the idea; this year I have the money, so I've gone and sorted it out.

I asked my dentist about it at my last checkup, 6 months ago, and he wrote a referral. The orthodontist saw me for the initial consultation and gave me an idea of what to expect, then I went back for impressions a few weeks later. A couple of weeks ago I had both upper #4 teeth out to make some room, and just last week I had a fixed brace applied, which involved brackets being glued to my teeth and then wires and elastics being attached.

It's going OK so far; the first couple of days were pretty sore stuff but I managed to apply painkillers in sufficient quantities. There's a stop on my back tooth to prevent my overbite from coming together in a way that would stress the brackets out, so I can't really chew at the moment. This means I've had a lot of soup these past few days. Soup and mashed potato and all sorts of similar things.

Despite the minor inconveniences, I'm pretty pleased with it all so far. It's not a huge amount of hassle and any movement is going to be an improvement. The first night I had the brace on, one of the brackets came loose, so I had to go back the next day. While I was waiting in the waiting-room, there was a teenage girl who'd just come in for her last check-up. Her teeth were super-perfect-straight, and that image, that smile, that's what's driving me on now.

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