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Mon, 26 Oct 2009

I recently had a burning desire to obtain a sizeable amount of Mega Bloks for a game of Brik Wars. A little shopping around brought me to Niche Gift Shop, who had some good sale offers on some reasonably useful stuff, so I placed my order and the goods arrived very promptly indeed. So far so good...

Of course, that's just good service, what we've come to expect in the competitive world of online retail. But that wouldn't in itself make a remarkable story, that's the kind of thing that you almost always get with online purchases these days (although there was that mysterious case of tne Enterprise 128 that never showed up...). No, what makes this story different is that one of the sets that I received was only half there.

I catalogued the missing pieces and emailed the details back to Niche Gift Shop, thinking maybe I'd get some store credit to cover the incovenience. But no, what I actually got was two options, I could package it all up for replacement or they could send out the missing pieces. I opted to get the missing pieces sent, as that would be most likely to get the stuff here on time for the game.

What was even more unexpected was the email I got a couple of days later, once they'd got hold of the replacement set. They just sent the whole replacement set to me, at no extra cost, and asked that if I was feeling charitable, I'd do something nice with the spare pieces, maybe donate them somewhere. Well, it turns out that the spare pieces are really handy when you're playing some BrikWars and you want some random bits of scenery strewn about, so instead I'm going to donate twice the cost of the set to a local children's charity.

So, if you're looking for a rather good little online retailer from which to get a gift or two this coming wintertime-consumerfest, Niche Gift Shop is probably a reasonable place to start.

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