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Wed, 21 Oct 2009

Had a lovely time this evening at the Leeds Girl Geek Dinner, in which we girl geeks get together for buffet food and inspiring talks of an evening. It's refreshing to discuss technology issues (this evening was Sarah Hartley on evolution of journalism and Christine Morris on video-blogging) in an environment where the gender ratio is way different to the usual techy geeky crowd. Much less chance of being overlooked, assumed out of the conversation or otherwise sidelined, and it feels really inclusive.

Of course, it's cool to talk about the issues of being a woman in a technical field, and there are certainly places to do that, and I remember some remarks in that direction at a previous Girl Geek Dinner, but it's never been the focus and it's doubly refreshing for that. It's so much nicer just to get straight to the geeking. Still, I wonder if the presentations were still a little ungeeky. I mean, the journalism presentation didn't tell me about the technology platform for Guardian Local and the video presentation didn't discuss the merits and drawbacks of Final Cut Pro, for example. That would have been super cool...

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