Thu, 24 May 2012

Why I put it on the list:My memory is terrible, I rely on writing things down for most everything.

What I did: I used a combination of phonetic association and temporal association to create absurd comic images in a particular journey through the house, long enough for 100 digits, and then I tested myself with retaining that for a week.

What next: Keep on using my memory. It would be great to memorise the phone numbers in my phone's address book for example.

Why I put it on the list: Driving is really useful. Earlier in my career, I could get away without it, but as I relied more and more on partners and friends who could drive, it was time to sort it out.

What I did: I did a one-week Intensepass course with Rob Watson at UKDrive.net, and I passed first time back in November 2011. Since then, I've done loads of little trips, a few big ones like a big trip to France and back, and I even took the car in for its MOT.

What next: This one seems thoroughly done, although there's always room for improvement. Maybe an advanced course one day, or a track day type affair. Plus, I'm sure I'll end up with a hire car in some foreign country one of these days...

Why I put it on the list: I've always liked learning languages, and the couple of times I interacted with deaf people, it turned out they could sign really well and I just made a fool of myself like a typical hearing person.

What I did: I did an introductory course, but there was a point where I needed to revise and take a test, and the instructor was becoming unwell. In the end, the course never finished. I switched to an introductory Mandarin course at the University instead as I had lots of Chinese colleagues. It was pretty good fun and taught me that I can pick up most things quickly.

What next: I'm a little busy for language learning at the moment. I think I get enough exposure through work trips to various countries.

Wed, 09 May 2012

Today's the end of my Day Zero challenge. Suffice to say, I haven't finished everything. But I don't regret it for a moment. It forced me to do a whole bunch of things that worked out pretty well, and apart from several bouts of extended illness, the things that distracted me from the challenge were all most welcome: moving in with my girlfriend, getting a new job, buying a car, buying a house, all wonderful positive things. Some time soon, I'm sure, I'll go through and update the actual final status of the challenge and muse on the whole thing some more.