Wed, 30 Sep 2009

Follow-on milk for your kids contains key nutrients. Why are we feeding this to our kids? Surely key nutrients are for keys! Are we stealing food from the keys to feed our children? Is this why there are all those skeleton keys about the place?

Sun, 06 Sep 2009

Today, my friend Jez came over and we made fresh pasta. We could have done with adding some more salt and gluten, and maybe trying to get things all the same thickness, but it turned out pretty nice and rustic. Definitely would do this one again.

The students starting University this year are mostly 18-year-olds. This means that they were born in 1991. Yes, 1991, the year in which:

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit came out.
  • Freddie Mercury, Gene Roddenberry and Robert Maxwell all died.
  • Metallica's Black Album was released.
  • Operation Desert Storm set off in Iraq.
  • The films Terminator 2, Hook, Thelma & Louise, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Star Trek 6, Hot Shots! and The Naked Gun 2½ came out.
  • Popular TV shows of the year include Roseanne, Cheers, Home Improvement, Murder She Wrote, Brittas Empire, 2point4 Children, the Jerry Springer Show, Noel's House Party, Ren and Stimpy and Star Trek: the Next Generation. The last episode of Dallas went out.
  • BBC One stopped using the gold spinning computer-generated globe logo.
  • The first Sonic the Hedgehog game was released.
  • The NES was released.
  • Linux was first announced.
  • The World Wide Web project started.
  • The Soviet Union collapsed.
  • V for Vendetta was nominated for the Prometheus Award, but lost out to In the Country of the Blind.

I feel kind of... old.

Sat, 05 Sep 2009

So today, I had a little time to myself in town, and I ended up going for a bra fitting at Marks and Spencer. I had to reserve a slot, and then we went to a fitting room where there's a main curtain and then a second curtain inside. This meant that I shuffled between bras without exposing myself to the lovely assistant. I ended up finding that I've had slightly the wrong size of bra for a couple of years now, so I bought a couple of replacements to keep me going for a bit. Moral of the story: getting the right size bra is really easy! Loads of places do bra fittings nowadays, just pop in when you have a moment. Simple!

Fri, 04 Sep 2009

I visited Stockport today. Visited the Hat Works hat museum, had lunch with a good friend at the Swan with Two Necks, took a long walk taking photos and then stopped off in Manchester for some shopping and browsing at Fan Boy Three and Afflecks before wandering home. A very enjoyable trip all round, although my feet are upset that I didn't have my regular walking boots on (I damaged one, so it's in the shop at the moment getting repaired.)

Thu, 03 Sep 2009

Well, one of the many things I set out to do was to climb a tree. It turns out that I don't have as much upper-body strength as I think I have, so it took me a few attempts, but I finally climbed a tree. What athleticism will I manage next?

I was compelled to go somewhere within the city walls that I'd never previously been. I ended up slipping down Chapter House Street and popping out at Ogleforth. Nothing major, just a neat little street. I might try and visit other places within the walls that I haven't yet been to.

One of my challenges was to make paper; I did this last weekend and wrote it all up this evening. I gave the resulting paper away as a gift to someone I care for; I only wish it had turned out as I'd imagined so that the gift would be slightly less lame. Still, it reflects a pretty large chunk of effort.